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Injury and Trauma: Yoga Skills for Managing Crisis and Beyond

June 8 - 10, 2018

The Yoga Community
Kennewick, WA
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Having a tool box of skills for both on and off the mat helps us deal with the inevitable traumas that occur in our lives. This yoga workshop will begin off the mat with a trauma “road map” and encompass strategies for sleeping, eating, anxiety and social support.

Through the weekend we will progress into asana practices: techniques for safeguarding the sacroiliac joint and injury prevention, accessing the parasympathetic nervous system, stillness and motion as meditation, and time permitting, basic pranayama.

Workshop hours:
Friday, June 8: 5:30 - 8:00pm
Saturday, June 9: 9:00am-5:30pm
Sunday, June 10: 9:00am - 10:30am

Cost: $190, by May 31, $210 after

Note: Information presented in this workshop has been developed through the personal experience of Theresa Elliott, who is not a licensed therapist or medical professional. Content or participation in this event is not meant to replace or substitute therapy or medical care with a licensed professional.

Summer 2018 Yogadance intensive with Theresa Elliott

New Dates! June 18th - 22nd
9:30 – 4:00pm (includes lunch break)

This 5-day intensive will delve into the rich relationship between music, body and mind through the study of Yogadance. Posture, stylized yoga sequences, and a broad range of music will be explored and combined to create a set work of yoga choreography.

Theresa Elliott has developed and refined a unique methodology of instruction for her original content and choreography over the last 28 years. Through deconstruction, intellectual engagement and physical repetition, she teaches the relationship between the stillness of stationary posture, the transitions of vinyasa, and the expression of Yogadance.

The intensive culminates in an informal performance at the annual Taj Yoga Summer Works in Progress show, Friday evening, June 22nd. Performing is an exciting way to share and inspire others, and strengthens the group bond forged through the week. Participation in the performance is optional and highly recommended.

Intensive Recommendation
A solid understanding of standing poses, healthy backs and knees. How to prepare and what to bring will be included in the confirmation email.

Early Bird Registration: $650 by May 15th. $700 after
Bring a new student or family member and pay $975!

For a full brochure, email

Refund Policy
Payments are refundable minus a $50 admin fee up to 7 days before the intensive begins. 6 - 1 day before, refunds minus 50% of payment, unless your sport can be filled, in which case minus a $50 admin fee. No refunds on payments the day the intensive starts.

Photo Yoga Shop, 2018 with Theresa Elliott and Dale Peterson

Shoot Date: Fall, 2018
Preliminary Saturday workshops (required first time): TBD

Want a high-quality photo of yourself to market your teaching, to document a pose in your life, or just for fun? Learn how to prepare for a photo shoot to get your best shot! Have your picture taken by professionals to create yoga images for use in flyers and web sites, or to give a loved one.

Series begins with two Saturday workshops in preparation for the photo shoot, and culminates with Dale photographing while Theresa “spots”, checking alignment, facial expressions and placement.

You will receive 5 professional images in digital format. Includes a post-shoot consultation with Theresa to review and select images.

A behind the scenes look. Theresa works with Binka Popov on alignment during the photo shoot.

Full Workshop (required 1st time), $545
Repeat Participants, $395

Registration Deadline: TBD

For a PDF brochure for registration, email

Refund Policy
Payments are refundable minus a $50 admin fee up to September 15th, 2017. No refunds after that time.

Yoga Teacher Training and Continuing Education with Theresa Elliott

For instructors and students seeking depth and clarity in asana and vinyasa
Begins October 21, seven selected Saturdays

This progressive series meets once a month and will focus on giving the participants the skill necessary to see and understand yoga asana and vinyasa at a core level.

Participants commit to a minimum of six of the seven classes. Dates and proposed topics are below. Topics will be refined according to interest and understanding. Anatomy homework will be assigned after each session. The following categories of posture will be addressed according to ability: standing poses, forward and back bending, twisting and inversions.

A 200-hour certificate (or instructor consent) and a sense of humor.

2017     Oct 21   required    Nov 11    Dec 9
2018     Feb 10   March 10   April 21   May 19

The following concepts will be incorporated:

The Core of the Body and Road Map of Movement
Understanding the Kumbhaka and what articulates in the body.

The 5 Most Common Alignment Faults in Yoga
*Pancake hips don't fly *Ankles, knees, and thighs, oh my!
*Why you being so mean to that dog? *Length is overrated *Twisted

Accessing the Parasympathetic Nervous System
"Fight or flight" may be great for hunting but not so much for asana.

Avoiding Sacrolliac Dysfunction
Correct alignment is functional, beautiful and preventative.

Making friends with the eccentric contraction.
The area mobilized is the area that must be stabilized.

Deadline for registration: Oct 1st
Cost: $650
Friends & Family: bring a friend new to Taj Motion and pay $999 for two!

To Register:
Make check and send to:
Taj Yoga, 9250 14th Ave NW
Seattle, WA
Please include name, email contact and phone number.

Pacific Yoga Teacher Training

Originally The Yoga Tree Teacher Training (1996 - 2003) was created and taught by Kathryn Payne and Theresa Elliott. The program was renamed Pacific Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Studies in 2003 and moved to Taj Yoga in 2004, the studio founded by Theresa. Pacific Yoga offered both 200- and 500- hour programs until 2014, when the partners retired the training.

The program was unique in it’s approach. Both Kathryn and Theresa’s extensive knowledge of the practice allowed them to create original content and teaching methodologies, and with the exception of anatomy, the entire program was taught by just the two partners.

Often called “The Harvard of Teacher Trainings,” Pacific Yoga included the full spiritual practice of yoga, trained hundreds of teachers, and had a deep impact on yoga in the Seattle area.

Both Kathryn and Theresa continue to teach.

Kathryn can be reached at:,
Theresa can be reached at: